LEGO Land Rover Needs Your Support To Become Reality

By David Ponce

Some of you may know that LEGO has a website called Cuusoo where would-be customers are allowed to vote on reader-submitted concepts. If any particular submission gets at least 10,000 votes, the company will look at it and potentially make it a reality. The above is one such concept. It’s a Land Rover RC car with more figure than you can shake a remote control at.

It is a 1:8.5 scale recreation of Rover’s legendary truck, built from nearly 2,800 parts, including 7 motors and 3 IR receivers. Along with the intense AWD system and live axles in the front and rear, it also features a five-speed sequential gearbox with an automatic clutch, a two-speed transfer case, and a whole host of working parts like doors, hood, and tailgate.

Of course at this point it’s nothing but some guy’s rather badass prototype and it’s only garnered 1,634 votes from the required 10,000. But hey, voting is free so if this is you thing, you know what to do.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]