LEGO Duplo Plate Covered Walls (Image courtesy HGTV)

LEGO Duplo Plate Covered Walls Is Pure Genius!

LEGO Duplo Plate Covered Walls (Image courtesy HGTV)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t have any of the back story on how the stud plates have actually been attached to the walls, but I think this idea for a LEGO Duplo themed kids’ room is pure genius. And it goes without saying that limiting such an idea to just kids is a big oversight. Covering the walls of an office or work area with regular LEGO brick plates allows you to constantly redecorate with new patterns or color schemes every day. You can even recreate famous works of art out of just LEGO bricks. In fact I hope someone from LEGO is reading this and drops a note in the suggestion box for custom colored brick plates too, because it would make decorating a room with them a whole lot easier.

Update: Thanks to Charlie Sorrel from Wired’s Gadget Lab for discovering the wall is actually from a restaurant in Brooklyn called Café Boo Bah.

[ HGTV – 10 Themed Bedrooms for Kids ] VIA [ ohdeedoh ]

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  1. Blah, Cobwebs wouldn’t just be the problem.  I hope if someone makes this for his child, the kid won’t mistake it for a wall climbing obstacle. As cute as it looks, you gotta make this safer for kids. It’s already safe for people that are kids at heart anyway.

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