Leech Plug Shows You What It Thinks Of Vampire Power

By Evan Ackerman

Companies like iGo want you to be aware that vampire power sucks, but it’s hard to be aware of something that doesn’t actually smack you around for wasting energy. This is what the leech plug does. Just like a real leech, anything connected to the leech plug will sate itself and then disconnect, or rather, it’ll get physically disconnected whether it wants to or not, driving a steak through the heart of vampire power.

Mmm, steak.

[ Conor Klein ] VIA [ Technabob ]

6 thoughts on “Leech Plug Shows You What It Thinks Of Vampire Power”

  1. I think steak would only make the vampire stronger.

    Is this device actually being produced? Will it allow more than one cable to be plugged into the wall box? Is it surge protected? Will it be cheaper than any of the other products aimed at solving this problem? There are too many questions, and that video offered no hints, clues, or answers.

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