LED Duro Flash Looks A Lot Safer Than Roadside Flares

Duro Flash LED Roadside Flares (Image courtesy SWPS.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

While considerably more expensive than your typical magnesium flare, I like these LED Duro Flash alternatives which could end up being a lot cheaper in the long run, if you use a lot of flares. Made from a cast aluminum alloy they have no moving parts, not even an on/off switch, so they’re water and weatherproof. And even though they each weigh about 1lb, they’ve been tested to withstand weights up to to 20,000lbs, so they should easily survive being runover by even a tractor trailer if used on the side of a highway.

The kit includes 6 flares, either all blue, all red, or a 50/50 mix, and come in a carrying case which also serves as a charging dock. Once placed back in the case they’ll automatically turn off and start charging, and vice-versa, and on a single charge they’ll provide about 4 hours of illumination. Like I already mentioned, at $179.95 for the kit they’re a bit expensive to buy for a random emergency, but for law enforcement and highway patrol types who work at night, they’re probably way cheaper than going through a box of regular flares every day.

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