LED Bathtubs

By Maximilliam Hill

Sometimes when I’m in the bathtub I think to myself “Why isn’t my tub glowing?”

I then remember that I don’t have the coolest bathtub on the market: the LTT illuminated bathtub. These things come in 5 glowing colors and are sure to entice a few members of the opposite sex to, uh, look at it in awe.

Get yours in white, pink, red, yellow, or orange for $1399. Or, get the multicolored LED model for a mere $2400, at Gnr8. Story VIA Strange New Products.

4 thoughts on “LED Bathtubs”

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  2. That would be cool to bathe in, though I’d probably be so distracted I’d end up drowning.

    It also looks perfect for growing an invincible army of alien warriors, too.

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