Le Beancock (Images courtesy Funky Inside)

Le Beanock – An Awkwardly Named Bean Bag Chair + Hammock Mashup

Le Beancock (Images courtesy Funky Inside)
By Andrew Liszewski

I like the idea behind hammocks, and swaying back and forth can certainly add an extra element of rest and relaxation when kicking back. But I can’t say I find them the most comfortable place to sit or lay down. Maybe I’ve just never found the ‘right’ hammock for me. And I now doubt I ever will because my mind is fixated on Le Beancock Beanock instead. No one’s going to argue that a bean bag chair isn’t comfortable, so combining one with a hammock is a stroke of genius.

Made of durable fabric (with a fireproof option) with reinforced metal eyelets in the corners, Le Beancock Beanock comes in two sizes supporting weights of 220 lbs. up to 440 lbs. So the larger version should be able to comfortably and safely hold 2 occupants. They also come completely flat-packed to reduce shipping charges, requiring you to locally source your own chains for hanging and beans for stuffing. Oddly enough that essentially means you’re paying for an empty fabric bag, which will cost you $568.40 for the larger model, and $284.20 for the smaller.

*Oops. Sorry about the name mixup. Lesson learned about writing in the early morning before my eyes have remembered how to focus.

[ Le Beancock Beanock ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Alternatively, get a regular hammock instead.

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  1. Wow what a deal! An empty fabric bag for only $568.40? Doesn’t even include the chain or beans. Seriously?? Think I will get one for everyone on my Christmas list……NOT!!!!

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