Lazy Sunday Pants AKA Lazy Every-Day-Of-The-Week Pants For Bloggers

Lazy Sunday Pants (Image courtesy mitemite)
By Andrew Liszewski

These jogging pants feature convenient removable placemats on each thigh that makes it easy to clean up after a meal eaten on your lap, without having to wash the entire pair of pants. Or as is more likely the case, without having to sit around with mustard and A1 steak sauce stains on your pants for an entire week.

They’re humorously called the Lazy Sunday Pants, but for the unemployed, bloggers, writers, anyone who works from home and news anchors who still get to hide behind a desk, they’re perfect for every day of the week. However, ~$67 (€50) is a steep price to pay for a site gag, no matter how practical it is.

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