Lawn Darts Makes a Virtual Comeback


By Shane McGlaun

The lazy summer days of my youth were often spent throwing lawn darts with my brother. Honestly, most of those games involved more throwing lawn darts at my brother than with him. Hitting a moving target was much more difficult than that big circle, especially with all the screaming for help and ducking behind trees my brother usually did.

I’m sure kids like me are why you can’t buy lawn darts like we had back then. The company behind the popular golf game Golden Tee has announced that lawn darts are back, at least in virtual form in a new arcade game called Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts.

The game allows from 1 to 16 players to play lawn darts in four modes including team and tournament play. I’m betting hit the running brother isn’t one of the modes, which is too bad really. The game also features a Raw Talk option that has the virtual players spouting smack much like the drunken relatives from those family get togethers we all remember. The game will be placed in arcades, bars and other locations and will cost $1 per player to play. Check out the game video at the link below.

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