Lather Up: Crystal and Geode Hand Soaps

Crystal Hand Soaps

Why do you have a rock on your sink?
Huh? What rock?
That crystal, geode, whatever–that one!
Oh, that’s just my soap, dude.

That’s one of the conversations you might find yourself having if you bin your existing hand soaps and replace them with one of these awesome crafted soaps by RockHoundSoap. They look nothing like your typical hand soap; instead, they come in all sorts of rocky shapes and formations. Go for the topaz and crystal soaps if you want to hold something fancy-looking each time you wash your hands. You can opt for the geode-inspired soaps instead if you want something plainer.

Crystal Hand Soaps1
Crystal Hand Soaps2

Crystal Hand Soaps3

Crystal Hand Soaps4


The soaps are made by Etsy seller RockHoundSoap and each one retails for $5.25 to $7.

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