Latest Display Cube: Import 3D Animations

Display Cube V2By Asim Waqar

Abundantly artistic and creative, James Clar has outdone himself once again. I can think of a million and one reasons to own the latest generation of the Display Cube. Only two reasons deter me: aside from the obvious difficulty of hiding such a purchase from my wife, I find myself waiting for what he will think of next.

As with the previous versions, this Display Cube is used to display animations in 3D by illuminating LEDs. So think of it, a three dimensional billboard… Advertising, dance clubs and art galleries will surely be lining up among others.

The first generation Display Cube was created from ten plexiglass planes. The second generation Display Cube was a metal 3D grid. These two generations were both capable of rudimentary (in hindsight of course) visualizations sourced from audio.

The latest Display Cube still utilizes LEDs to create visualizations but differs from the first two in that it has a black base. Oh, and some added functionality: you can now import Photoshop and After Effects files, display 3D animations (MAYA) and generate 3D screensavers. As if that was not interactive enough, you also get the ability to play 3D Pong.

This marvel is currently in the production phase. No mention of pricing.

Visit the product page, and watch video demonstrations. Visit the designer’s homepage here. Story VIA Engadget.