Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we started off flaming hot with an overpowered LEGO marshmallow toasting robot, checked out a Japanese Kondo robot competition, were fascinated by a long exposure image of a Roomba’s cleaning patterns, discovered a cheap and easy way to get free robot sex, found out that Boston Dynamics is working on an urban surveillance robot that hops, watched RiSE V3 skitter up telephone poles, got a little bit worried about the Spirit Mars rover getting stuck in sand, met the first humanoid robot to fly on a commercial airliner, watched a robot draw a picture while people yelled at it, saw some spiderbots that Italy wants to send to the moon, tried to help out a lost robot asking for directions, were impressed by some climbing robots that also run, watched a sad little cartoon about a robot and a power plug, and found out why a Roomba doesn’t make your life more efficient.

This week, we’ve already written about Boston Dynamics’ LANdroids, nanobots that use swarms of bacteria to move themselves, and an awesome eight legged/wheeled vehicle/animal/insect robot.

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