Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we started off with a sorta sexy sorta really really creepy female android fashion model, felt a little safer after watching ABB’s SafeMove system in action, couldn’t help but think of tentacle porn when we saw a design for a robot octopus, wished we were lucky enough to have had a constructable robot toy when we were kids, liked what happens when you give everyday household appliances eyes and arms and friendly personalities, got excited for the next hexapod dance off which is scheduled for later this month, watched iRobot’s beastly new Warrior drag a human to safety, decided we’d be better off buying an ASIMO action figure than the real thing, wished we were cows getting groomed by robot brushes, learned just exactly how ASIMO works, watched a whole bunch of robots building cars without any human help, decided it was better to learn how to solder robots even though you can now glue them, were blown away by an epic robot sword fight of awesomeness, sneezed at an R2-D2 pepper mill, and finished out the week with some weird video of a robot battling alien squid.

After the jump, we’ve got last week’s Bot With Stuff, Goonies edition.


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