Last Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

Last week on BotJunkie, we watched the activation of a life-size Gundam in Japan, found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually a Russian terminator robot from World War II, wondered why anyone would ever buy the most annoying robot toy ever, watched snakebots test out different types of movement, felt doom approaching with robots controlled by zombie bug heads, met a motorcycle evaluating robot named Flossie, watched a robot that’s trying to learn how to ski, saw the Rotundus Groundbot go for a swim, found out that the spunky little battery powered Evolta robot is attempting a new endurance record, cringed at the uncanniness of Archie, cringed again at HRP-4C modeling a wedding dress, watched a humanoid robot from Toyota that can outrun Honda’s ASIMO, felt sorry for a robot with a binary tramp stamp (but bought the shirt anyway), didn’t know what to think about a bizarre killer barbie death robot, and watched a new VTOL UAV take to the air.

So far this week, we’ve written about a robot bricklayer that creates complex patterns in buildings, a quad-rotor UAV that knows how to perform “provably safe” backflips, and some industrial robots that play baseball better than humans… Almost.

Last week’s Bots with Stuff, after the jump.


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