Laservibe – Club At Home & Save

Laservibe Red System (Image courtesy LaserRave)By Andrew Liszewski

You’ve already got the sound system that will make any audiophile hard-pressed to criticise, so why go out to some crowded club when you can dance and puke the night away in the comfort of your own living room? Oh that’s right… the lack of lasers at home… well thankfully that stumbling block is no more.

The Laservibe is a personal laser show system that is driven by any audio source you connect it to. It generates an infinite number of designs including favorite effects like liquid sky, tunnels and fanning. (I’ll admit I don’t actually have a favorite laser effect believe it or not.) At a distance of 8-10 feet the projected laser show will be about 4-5 feet wide but that of course can be increased depending on how far away the laser projector is placed.

The Laservibe also comes in two versions. The ‘Laservibe Red’ which uses red lasers will set you back $59.95 and the ‘Laservibe Green’ which uses slightly more expensive green lasers will set you back $199.95. Both are available on the Laservibe website.

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