Laptop Sleeve To Cost 10,000 Times The Price Of The MacBook Pro It Could “Protect”

By David Ponce

We’ve always wondered what an object covered in 8,800 diamonds would look like, and how much it would cost. Well, you’re looking at it up there, and it costs $11million. Inspired by the infamous IAmRich $999 iPhone app that came out in 2008, Coverbee (the company behind this product) has spent the time since “perfecting” the sleeve. They needed to find a way to make sure the diamonds would stay put and that the sleeve itself wouldn’t scratch the laptop its supposed to be protecting. To this end, they fitted the opening with rare black sable fur from Siberia. Each one of its diamonds is graded VS clarity and F in colour and has its own certificate of authenticity. And if you have the cash and decide to buy, it’ll be shipped to you “by a prominent Secure Logistics company, that is normally used to carry gold bars and bank notes of the Federal Bank.”

We have a feeling this could be a hoax of some kind, simply because of some of the things said in the description of the product. Hard to explain what, other than saying it’s a hunch. Still, in case it’s an actual product, you have to get in touch with Coverbee directly to place an order (as opposed to, say, pressing a couple buttons on an ebusiness website).

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