Laptop Cooler Includes HD Slot

By Evan Ackerman

There’s a limited amount of stuff that you’re generally able to… stuff… into a laptop, which is why you can buy laptop docks with more room to add peripherals. And generally if you’re the type to try to overperipheralize your laptop, you also have the type of laptop that’s hot enough to sterilize you, your pets, and if you’re lucky, your dirty laundry.

Brando’s laptop pad will solve some of these problems in a mediocre way, as it includes two cooling fans and three USB ports. The interesting bit is that it also includes an integrated interface for a bare 2.5″ SATA hard drive, which have a lot of storage and cost a dime a dozen nowadays. The size limit for the HD dock is only 250 gigs, but you can find drives of that size for about $50, which works out to be what, $0.20 a gig? Not bad at all.

The Brando USB Notebook Cooling Pad costs about $33.

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