Laptop Cooler Chills Out, Fo Realz

Embraco Cooler

By Evan Ackerman

Most (if not all) laptop coolers currently on the market, even the ones labeled as “active,” don’t do much more than blow ambient temperature air at your laptop in a feeble attempt to lower its temperature. Embraco has developed an actual laptop cooler, that blows cold air. Co-designed with Intel, the External Chilled Air Docking Station uses what is supposed to be the world’s smallest compressor to reduce the temperature of the outgoing air by somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% (your fridge works the same way). For laptops that overclock and throttle processor speeds based on temperature, using the Embraco cooler should actually help things run faster… Your call whether or not the speed increase makes up for the gigantic size of this thing. Look for it this holiday season (when it’s cold outside anyway) for around $150.

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