Lap Track – Swimming Lap Counter & Timer

Lap Track Lap Timer (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of filling it with inflatable toys and lounge chairs some people actually use their backyard swimming pools for swimming. The Lap Track was created with those people in mind and you can think of it as a giant-sized stopwatch. It attaches to the side of your pool with a suction cup mount (or plastic extension holder for non-tiled pools) and since it’s designed to be operated while under water it has large easy to use buttons and an even larger display.

Basically every time you complete a lamp you hit a button on the device and it will keep track of a whole list of stats including number of laps, time to complete each lap, total time and calories burned. For some reason it can only keep track of up to 50 laps but will let you know which was the fastest and what your average speed and time was.

The Lap Track is currently available from Amazon for $52.24.

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