Lap And Knee Mugs Are Practically Useless


By Chris Scott Barr

Don’t you hate those times where you have something to drink, but nowhere to set it? Maybe you’re lying in bed, and the nightstand is too far away. Or perhaps your desk just has so much junk on it that you can’t find even a few inches of space to set your coffee.  Whatever the reason, if you have nowhere to set your drink, then you might be happy to see this otherwise useless mug.

Traditional coffee mugs are flat on the bottom, which make them almost impossible to balance on your lap. However, this Lap and Knee Mug has an angled bottom. This makes your lap the perfect place to keep your drink. Of course hot coffee isn’t something I’d want to keep anywhere near my crotch. Oh, and and you can’t actually set this on a flat surface without spilling a portion of the contents. Methinks your $16 is better used elsewhere.

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9 thoughts on “Lap And Knee Mugs Are Practically Useless”

  1. Yes. Before I read the entire post I immediately (as many guys do) thought of the impact of 180 degree liquid being only inches from my junk just waiting for the errant elbow or knee to make me start screaming like a little girl.

  2. Is this really a problem? I mean, give someone $16 to clean your desk you lazy people. I fear these contraptions. I do cringe at the thought of some poor guy working on something and his little boy wanting to play with him. He runs up to him, placing his loving arms and head on your lap only hitting the lap/knee mug towards the man area… yea I believe that would be the last time they use that. Or some college student, up late at night studing and forgetting his lap/knee mug on his leg, gets up to take a pee from all the liquid his/her not used to consuming. All down his leg seems just as painful as in the private area.

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