LaneFX – Blind Spots Revealed

LaneFX (Image courtesy Drivaware)By Andrew Liszewski

A lot of new cars include detection systems that will alert the driver when a vehicle (or some other large object) is sitting in their blind spot. A company called Drivaware is now selling a third-party solution that does more than just alert the driver when something is in their blind spot, it shows them.

When the turn signals are activated the LaneFX system will automatically move the corresponding side mirror outwards showing the driver what might be hiding in the vehicle’s blind spot. The LaneFX system can also include the ParkFX feature which will automatically tilt both side mirrors down while the vehicle is being driven in reverse.

The Drivaware LaneFX system can be installed on any car with power side mirrors and is available in a Basic Edition for $197, a Highway Edition for $242 and a Communter Edition for $296 depending on what features you may need.

[Drivaware LaneFX System] VIA [Autoblog]

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