Landrollers Take It Offroad

By Bruce Eaton

This one is for our readers that like eating asphalt, or dirt and such. The Landroller in-line skates bring a new (well, relatively new, I suppose) twist to rollerblading, one that allows you to skate offroad as well as on. Using LandRoller’s patented Angled Wheel Technology?, these babies provide all the benefits of large wheels, on your feet. Previous attempts at incorporating large wheels failed,

because the skates were either dangerously high off the ground, as in the case of Rollerblades’ Coyote skates, or unmaneuverable because of a long wheelbase, as with the TrailSkate and Crosskate,” states LandRoller co-inventor Bert Lovitt


The large wheels give you the ability to go on rough surfaces and even offroad while maintaining normal maneuverability, with a low center of gravity and short wheel base. The design even gives an improved glide time over conventional in-line skates.

Only problem is that they don’t come in large men’s sizes (above 13). Other than that, there seems to be nothing but rave reviews for the $249 skates. Landroller has several enhancements under development such as state of the art braking systems, a variety of wheels and tires (including pneumatic) and newer, more advanced options for the offroading crowd.

[Landroller] VIA [Gizmag]

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  2. This skates are definitely a fad. I’m sure Apollo Ohno is already regretting that he sponsored this product. I’ve been an inline skater for many years, and I promise this skate will not sell.

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