Lamptron MITTEN – Mini FPS Keyboard/Gamepad

Lamptron MITTEN Gamepad (Image courtesy AVING USA)
By Andrew Liszewski

For those who feel that a first person shooter can only really be played with a mouse and keyboard comes this pseudo-alternative that just might sway a few gamers. First shown at CeBIT this year from a company called Lamptron (whose website seems to indicate they’re as far from a gaming peripheral company as you can get) the ‘MITTEN’ as it’s called is basically a mini keyboard containing only the keys typically used in FPS gaming.

The company claims the keys have been ‘tactically’ placed and the design and layout is based on actual feedback from military training. As to which military they’re referring to I have no idea. For added comfort during those long bouts of capture the flag there’s even a padded wrist rest. The MITTEN connects to your PC via USB and will be available in either orange or black color schemes but unfortunately at this time there’s no word on an actual release date or price.

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