Lamborghini Introduces A Line Of Carbon Fiber Bags

Lamborghini Introduces A Line Of Carbon Fiber Bags

Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Bags (Images courtesy Lamborghini)
By Andrew Liszewski

Branded accessories, like the Porsche ice cube tray we brought you earlier, are a clever way for supercar manufacturers to let everyone own a piece of a vehicle they may never be able to afford. But instead of producing a $19 novelty kitchen accessory, Lamborghini has introduced a collection of bags made from pre-stiffened carbon fiber.

As we all know carbon fiber is frequently used in the manufacturing of high performance cars since it’s both light and strong, but it’s also very expensive. Contributing to the astronomical cost of the vehicles, and unfortunately these bags. The cheapest of the lot, the Carbon Envelope Bag, sells for ~$1,224 (€850). While the top-of-the line Carbon Travel Soft Bag (aka duffel bag) comes in at around ~$2,090 (€1,450). In the middle you’ve also got the Carbon Messenger Bag for ~$1,512 (€1,050), with all of them being available sometime this Fall.

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