Laken ISO 70 Bottles Use The Magic Of Aerogel

Laken ISO 70 Bottle (Images courtesy Laken)By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s technically not magic, Aerogel is still pretty cool. It’s a glass-like substance that’s composed of 99.8% air and uninterestingly enough was the very first thing I every wrote about for OhGizmo! All that air not only makes Aerogel amazingly light, but it also works as a fantastic insulator which is why Laken is now using it in their ISO 70 aluminum bottles.

The Aerogel-enhanced bottles will actually keep a beverage warm for twice as long as a standard aluminum-polyurethane bottle and will prevent your beverage from freezing when the temperature drops below zero. If that wasn’t enough, at 24 ounces it’s even half the weight of a traditional vacuum insulated bottle.

At one time Aerogel was incredibly expensive but I guess the price has come down since the Laken ISO 70 bottles only cost about $59.

[ Laken ISO 70 Bottle ] VIA [ Popular Science ]

3 thoughts on “Laken ISO 70 Bottles Use The Magic Of Aerogel”

  1. Aerogel is still very expensive in block/solid form. It is however pretty cheap in granular form. You can buy 100cc’s of the granular aerogel for less than 5 bucks. Its the formed solid stuff that is incredibly hard to find/buy.

    I am assuming they are pouring the grains into the walls of the thermos as apposed to getting the solid formed pieces.

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