LaCie Tank (Images courtesy LaCie)

LaCie’s Tank Is Just A Really Tough Case

LaCie Tank (Images courtesy LaCie)
By Andrew Liszewski

For once here’s a post about a LaCie enclosure that doesn’t include any specs about gigabytes or capacity. That’s because their new ‘Tank’ case doesn’t come with a drive inside. You’re welcome to stick one in there, but it’ll be just as happy to protect other smaller electronics or valuables from dust, pouring rain, drops, shock and anything else that falls under the U.S. Military’s IP-63 specification.

A customizable foam interior ensures that what’s inside won’t bang around while in transport, which is important because LaCie seems to be positioning this as a safe way to ship or mail hard drives. Since it’s lacking in storage the Tank will only cost you ~$31 (£19.99) and even though it’s currently only listed on the U.K. LaCie website, I’m sure it will eventually make its way over here.

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