LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption (Images courtesy LaCie)By Andrew Liszewski

Portable USB drives have become quite a lifesaver for me especially when I can tote around 100GB of data in my back pocket. However as technology shrinks in size the ability to lose said technology drastically increases. While I try to not carry sensitive data around with me at times it has happened and of course it’s during those times that I’m pretty paranoid about losing my drive.

LaCie, maker of some of the best external USB and Firewire drives around is now selling the SAFE Mobile Hard Drive which incorporates biometric access technology right on the drive enclosure. The stored data is encrypted using a 24-character pass phrase stored on the board which is unique to every drive making data corruption impossible. And if you intend to share this drive with others you can setup access for up to 5 different users with each person having different privileges such as read & write or limited to read-only.

The LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive is available in a 40GB model for $179.99 or a 120GB model for $339.99.

[LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption] VIA [The Gadget Blog]

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