LaCie Little Disk – 30-40GB Capacity, Zippo-Like Dimensions

LaCie Little Disk (Images courtesy LaCie)
By Andrew Liszewski

While LaCie external drives aren’t always the best choice when it comes to value, they pretty much have no competitors when it comes to style. The Little Disk was designed by Sam Hecht and looks to be just a bit larger than your standard Zippo lighter. It has a high-gloss black finish and at the moment comes in either 30GB or 40GB capacities.

When you remove the cap on the bottom (or top I guess) you’ll find a retractable USB cable which ensures it never gets forgotten and more importantly, never gets lost. It also includes LaCieSync software which can be used to encrypt important data (with AES 128-bit encryption) or for automating backups of documents and even email. (via MS Outlook)

The 30GB LaCie Little Disk is available for $129.99 while the 40GB version is $159.99.

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