LAb[au]’s PixFlow #2 – Science Meets Art… Again

LAb[au] PixFlow #2 (Images courtesy LAb[au])
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re the type who can see the ‘art’ in microchip macro shots or complex fractals, then you’ll probably appreciate this PixFlow piece from LAb[au]. The art actually comes from an animated field of pixel particles and vectors that shape into flows as their density evolves over time. These elements also collide and interact with each other, producing unique behavioral results that are also cool to look at.

The hardware behind the PixFlow #2 consists of T-shaped plexiglass boxes that can be stacked or connected end-to-end, depending on how you want them oriented. Each box includes a flash card with the latest version of the software, and they can all be networked together allowing the designs to move from screen to screen. The original version of the PixFlow was created as a permanent 11 screen installation for the Grand Casino in Brussels, so you can probably imagine what kind of price tag we’re talking about if you think this would go great in your den.

[ LAb[au] PixFlow #2 ] VIA [ Bornrich ]