La Cie’s Mac Mini External Hard Drive

The Mac Mini shure is purdy. You wouldn’t want to ruin that by buying an external drive that doesn’t look just as good now, would you? La Cie‘s come to the rescue with the Mac Mini Companion.

The great thing about it is the ingenious design, which allows you to simply stack your Mini on top of it without any risk of overheating. As the press release says, “Its unique four-corner crown fits exactly underneath the Mac mini to create a stable, symbiotic harmony.”

Stable and symbiotic indeed.

It’s available in sizes from 80Gb to 250Gb, both in Firewire and USB 2.0 versions, should you want to use it with a PC instead. The Firewire drives are daisychainable, allowing you to create bigger stacks/towers of extra storage. The 80Gb versions go for $120 and the 250Gb for $200.

The website is right here. Story VIA BYODKM.

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