Kymera Magic Wand Universal TV Remote

The Wand Universal Remote (Images courtesy The Wand & Tech Digest)
By Brian Liszewski

There are plenty of universal remotes on the market that cost even more than a decently equipped netbook, but do any of them let you act our your Harry Potter-inspired dreams of being a wizard? Well the Kymera Magic Wand does. It works like a standard universal learning remote but thanks to a built-in accelerometer it’s able to recognize “magical gestures” instead of just pushing buttons.

So for example, to turn the volume up or down on your TV you’d simply make clockwise or counter-clockwise gestures with the wand, and to change the channel you’d either flick it up or down. All-in-all there are 13 different gestures recognized by the wand that you can custom-program including big swish, push forward, pull back and even multi-taps.

Now I’m tempted to call this out as being a gag, but there’s nothing revolutionary about the technology being used, and there’s even a pre-order page on the company’s website. So if you think this is as cool as I do, they’ll start shipping on October 1 and you can order one now for about $84. (£49.95)

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