KVH To Release TracVision A7, In-Car DirecTV System

tracvision a7

By David Ponce

It’s not the first satellite dish for the car we’ve come across. The TracVision A7, from KVH is however the latest to hit the market, and happens to give you access to up to 185 DirecTV channels. Whether you’re in the deep woods, camping, or tearing down the highway at 100 mph a reasonable speed, the device will keep your loved ones glued to the TV set. Just like at home.

And if you get tired of the fine DirecTV programming, you also have access to local stations. The unit itself is five inches high, thus keeping a relatively low profile.

There’s no word on price, though it is available now at retailers nationwide. Previous models (like the A5) have sold in the four digits, with the first digit being a 3. Chances are, this isn’t far off.

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