Kuppersbusch Electric Honeycom Cooktop Brings Class To Your Kitchen

kupperbusch honeycomb

By David Ponce

You can try to bring technology and innovation to the kitchen in all sorts of cheap looking gimmicky ways (LCD on a fridge or motorized shelves, anyone?), but the Kuppersbusch Electric Honeycomb Cooktop is in a class all on its own. This gorgeous cooking apparatus actually consists of seven interlocking glass ceramic hexagon tiles, six of which are heating elements. They’re mounted flush against your counter for a seamless appearance and can be arranged in up to 28 different layouts to accommodate even your most bizarre cooking needs. The seventh hexagon is a touch activated control panel.

As you might imagine, these things aren’t cheap, though not quite as heart attack inducing as you might have thought; the higher end model comes in at $1,750.

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2 thoughts on “Kuppersbusch Electric Honeycom Cooktop Brings Class To Your Kitchen”

  1. interesting concept
    only the touch sensitive CP is $1750.
    Each add’l cooking surface is ~$500.

    This effectively makes an average 4 top range surface ~$4K

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