Kubric To Replace All Humans, Animals With iPods

By Evan Ackerman

iKub Shuffle

First it was the bears with iPod minis where their guts should be. Now, in a more sinister turn, Kubric’s iKub is an iPod Shuffle (1st gen) dock where the Shuffle is a full fledged replacement for a humanoid head. The message is clear: who needs a brain when you have an iPod? Furthermore, note the prominent wired USB connection, alluding to the digital tether that the iPod has on every last one of us. My own personal iPod, as it happens, is currently being replaced. I’ve been PMP-less for nigh on two weeks now, and it is only because of that forced separation that I’ve been able to see how those little white earphones are actually burrowing their way deeper and deeper into our brains. But you know what? It’s a scary world out there, filled with all kinds of noises that haven’t been digitally remastered and compressed into mp3s. And so when my iPod is finally returned to me, I will happily follow the iKub’s lead and replace my brain with a head full of music. £32.

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