Krups Stainless Steel Toaster With LCD Display

Krups Stainless Metal Toaster with LCD Screen (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Not by any stretch of the imagination do I need a toaster with a built-in LCD display but that probably won’t stop me from upgrading for the simple reason that this toaster has a built-in LCD display. So not only will it provide you with an actual countdown to let you know when your bread or bagel is ready but the brushed stainless steel finish will also serve as an excellent fingerprint magnet.

The 800-watt toaster also has 8 different browning settings, defrost and bagel functions as well as cool touch side walls to keep those morning burns to a minimum. But at $59.99 from I’ll probably just stick with my current toaster which is actually just a space heater with a digital watch taped to the side.

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