Korean Paper Thin Speakers

nullAh Korea… How we love you! How we envy you. What is it about you, Japan, and technology? Did you two sign a pact with the devil or something? When we have finally been reduced to weeping little blobs of technological ineptitude, will you then come proudly marching over the big Atlantic pond and rule us with iron fists?

Please don’t.

Well, whatever. Startup company Plasma and Ion Beamhas, from South Korea, is about to market paper-thin plastic film speaker technology developed back in 2001. The film looks just like cellophane wrap and can be molded into any surface, without any sound degradation. The only drawback is that it has some trouble reproducing bass. But who cares?

Think about it.

You’ll have computer screens with sound emanating from them. You’ll have flags playing the Star Spangled Banner. You’ll have books talking to you. You… well, geez, you get the picture, right? This is huge. And there’s a ton of details here.