Kodak Lets You Pre-load Your Digital Frame With Up To 100 Pictures

By Luke Anderson

If you’ve ever purchased a digital picture frame for someone, chances are that you went ahead and opened it to upload some photos for them. If you don’t do this and you’re giving it as a gift to someone that isn’t very tech-savvy, then they won’t likely know what to do with it. Well Kodak is now giving you the option to pre-load the pictures before it is even shipped out of the factory, how handy is that?

While some people might want to actually upload the pictures themselves, this sounds like a pretty handy option. All you need to do is upload 100 pictures to a Kodak Gallery account, and they’ll stick them on an SD card, which will be shipped along with the frame. While I’m not sure that it will be widely used, I think it’s awesome that Kodak is giving us the option. Mind you, this service isn’t free, it’ll set you back $20, but at least that includes the price of the SD card.

[ Kodak ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]