Self-Adhesive Touch Wood Patches (Image courtesy SUCK UK)

Knock On Wood Stickers For You Superstitious Types

Self-Adhesive Touch Wood Patches (Image courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

In an age of synthetic materials like plastic it’s getting harder and harder to find a piece of real wood to knock on or touch in order to avoid jinxing one’s self. Sure, that fancy glass desk you’re working on looks nice, but how are you going to ensure it’s really strong enough to support your new monitor? Knocking on it sure isn’t going to help!

Your only real solution is to either stop being so superstitious, or simply order a set of designer Alice Gallarate’s Knock On Wood Stickers from SUCK UK. For ~$8 (£5) you get three different shaped stickers that can be attached to anything really, but sticking them to something you always keep close at hand will ensure you’ve always got wood to knock on. Think of it as a really cheap way to ensure that nothing bad will ever happen again to you. (Knock on wood…)

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