Knight Rider KITT Attack Mode Revealed

Knight Rider KITT Attack Mode (Images courtesy Shadowy Flight)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know if any of you caught the 2-hour ‘pilot’ episode of NBC’s updated Knight Rider series, but I did, and all I can say is that it was pretty… pretty… terrible. When I was younger I occasionally watched the original series, but it wasn’t until the ratings started to dip and they introduced the ‘turbo boost’ mode that I really became a Knight Rider fan. There was just something about seeing KITT transform with all those extra fins and flaps that sucked me in as a kid. Well, clearly the producers of the new series felt the same way, and at this year’s Comic Con they unveiled the new KITT’s ‘Attack Mode’ which quite honestly makes the vehicle look like it just drove off the set of the latest Fast And The Furious film. I’m not going to pretend that the ‘turbo boost’ mode on the original KITT was practical or anything, but at least it kind of fit in with the design of the rest of the car, as opposed to this which looks like a random collection of after-market body accessories. Oh well, I guess there’s always Knightboat, the crime-solving boat!

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8 thoughts on “Knight Rider KITT Attack Mode Revealed”

  1. No, you got it all wrong. Turbo Boost was the technology that allowed the car to JUMP over objects. What you are thinking of is Super Pursuit Mode, which transformed the car into a crazy fin-popping monster. This car with the wings and things was recently for sale on eBay, seriously!

  2. Actually you’re probably right about that. To be honest I couldn’t remember what the special ‘mode’ was called, but Super Pursuit does ring a bell. Either that or ‘Super Fast-Forward Driving Footage’ mode.

  3. I have to agree with Andrew (but I will still be watching the show, no doubt). The new “Super Pursuit Mode” or whatever it is called, looks like the car was kidnapped by wayward street modders. It doesn’t flow right (IMHO).

    Unlike Andrew, I always considered the new transform mode to be about the point that the original series started to decline, since suddenly Kitt wasn’t his coolest unless he was transformed. (Did I just call the car a “he”? Interesting).

    If I had a car like Kitt, I am pretty sure that a transformation act on top of everything else would not be a requirement.

  4. WTF????? What are they doing to KITT I have been a huge fan of Knight Rider and KITT for as long as I remember I even liked the movie/pilot and yes I know it wasn’t all that good but just having KITT on tv again was all that mattered but come on how can they do this to KITT he looks like he is on steroids or something If that is his new Super Pursuit Mode thats just wrong. It may be unfortunate but of course I will be tuning this fall because once again Knight Rider will be back on tv

  5. Heh, it’s ironic how even when viewers (such as Greg and Sheldon) don’t like the direction the studio is taking with a remake, they still watch it anyway.

  6. Athois, I guess you can attribute watching it anyways to to one or more of following;

    1. The hope that the overall direction in the show is a positive one, and it builds from there.
    2. The ideal of a pet supercar ties back to the liberation mankind originally got from a pet horse, and I keep tuning back to see if it goes along those lines or turns into a recreation of Equus, but with a car.
    3. Trainwreck observer fascination
    4. Anxious to see if the Hoff and Kitt make a special appearance and save the day.
    or finally:
    5. Watching a show about a robotic super car just appeals to Nerds, despite some flawed presentation mechanics.

    Of course there could be other reasons (and I was kidding about the Hoff.. mostly…), but that should do for starters.


    (Of course, you could add “6. I have no life”, but hopefully the nerd part covers that one. ) 🙂

  7. Im a big fan of the origional K.I.T.T. and Knightrider the new direction is scary not sure if im comfy with it ,

    the new kitt can “transform” from truck to car is tis going to far i mean the origional series pushed the laws of physics but at least it was mor or les belevable

    having said all this i will be watching the new series

    if i can see it living in the UK is a problem

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