Klikk – The Simple But Flexible Camera Mount

Klikk (Images courtesy TVBLOB Srl)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you enjoy photography but prefer to carry a small P&S camera instead of a bulky DSLR you’re probably used to having minimal control over the shutter speed and f-stop. It’s usually not a big issue unless you’re shooting in low light conditions with the flash off which can result in blurry photos if you don’t keep the camera rock steady. So the Klikk provides the stability and flexibility of a tripod for avoiding blurred shots in a minimal design that’s easy to carry in a shoulder bag or backpack.

In essence it’s just a flat piece of plastic with a bulge and slot on top that allows a mounting screw to slide back and forth changing the angle of the camera. For more extreme angles you’ll want to find something to prop one end up but with a little bit of ingenuity the Klikk can be just as useful as a full size tripod.

The Klikk is available in a ‘big’ or ‘small’ sized kit that includes a carrying bag and lanyard for about $17.

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