Kizik Kurve Bike Saddle Is Allegedly Comfy

By David Ponce

We’re kind of torn over cycling. It’s fun, good for you, low impact on the joints… but holy balls is it painful in the, uh, taint area. Some people like getting seats with more padding, but what you think you make up for in comfort you actually end up losing through chaffing and rubbing on all the extra seat area. The most efficient cycling seats are like the one you see here, long and narrow. But until now that did equate with pain. With the Fizik Kurve, what you have is the best of both worlds. It has a flexible carbon composite shell, mounted on forged aluminum rails. The seating area is stretched between these rails like a hammock and the amount of flex you have can be adjusted through an integrated bolt. There are three different Kurve models whose shape is meant to accommodate different riders’ body morphology.

Riding properly and perhaps more comfortably doesn’t come cheap. The Fizik Kurve seats are about $300.

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3 thoughts on “Kizik Kurve Bike Saddle Is Allegedly Comfy”

  1. For a newbie in competitive biking, is this seat expensive? Because I find it more expensive than the military bags I was previously checking out. I don’t understand how a $300 seat can improve a biker’s performance.

  2. I guess if you’re riding for hours on end, you might be on the lookout for the best money can buy.  If your bike costs $8,000 and up (as some do), then what’s $300?  I agree that this is a loooottt of money though, lol

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