Kitanica Mark IV Jacket – As Seen On Adam Savage

Kitanica Mark IV (Images courtesy Kitanica)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a fan of Mythbusters and have never missed an episode, you’ve probably seen host Adam Savage wearing a particularly high-tech looking utility jacket on occasion. Well it turns out that jacket, which looks like something the bomb squad would wear, isn’t just a special one-off designed for TV hosts who risk life and limb to tackle some of life’s most peculiar myths. In fact it’s known as the Kitanica Mark IV, and is made in Oakland, California for those who need their clothing to conform to some heavy duty specs.

It’s designed to be the most durable, best fitting jacket that also happens to be made with the best fabrics, fixtures and features anyone could need. Features like a rifle recoil pad built into the shoulder, articulated spine padding, rib pads, Maglite holsters and pockets, pockets and more pockets. In fact while the jacket seems perfectly designed for the Mythbusters given what kind of stuff they do on a weekly basis, you can actually order one for yourself from the Kitanica website in a black, green, foliage or digi camo finish for $597.

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  1. He was wearing the Mark I not the Mark IV.  You can tell because his jacket on the show does not have the foam padding on the shoulder and back.  

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