Kingston Offers SSD Upgrade Kit for DIY PC Owners


By Shane McGlaun

I have yet to jump on the SSD bandwagon and most consumers are probably the same way. I have tested netbooks with SSDs inside and while the performance gains installing applications and booting the systems are noticeable, they aren’t enough to justify the extra cost in my book.

The price of SSDs is coming down, albeit slowly. Kingston has a new SSD upgrade kit that is now available called the SSDNow M Series that comes with all the gear you need to install an SSD inside your desktop computer or notebook.

The kit is available with a 80GB or a 160GB Intel X-25M SATA SSD, Acronis True Image hard drive cloning software, a USB enclosure for notebooks, 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive bay mounting brackets, and a SATA power and data cable extender for desktop machines. The SSDs promise read speeds of 250MB/sec and write speeds of 70MB/sec. Pricing is $427.50 for the 80GB kit and $843 for the 160GB kit.

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