Kinesis K2 Utilizes Wind And Solar Power

Kinesis K2 Utilizes Wind And Solar Power


By Luke Anderson

Over the last year or so, I’ve seen a lot of solar chargers hit the market. I’ve even started seeing a few wind chargers crop up as well, but how many chargers take advantage of both forms of power collection? Well now there is at least one out there, and it’s called the Kinesis K2.

Whether you’re sitting in your office, or taking a nice bike ride, you can take advantage of your natural resources to charge your phone (or other small gadget). About one hour of good sunlight is enough juice to give your phone a 30-minute charge. The manufacturer suggests that when the device is fully charged it will have enough energy to recharge the average cell phone roughly 5 times. There’s no word on how much steady wind it takes to charge it up. You can expect this to fetch around $100 when it goes on sale.

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