Kindle Goes International, Gets Price Cut


By Chris Scott Barr

eReaders are getting more common all the time. It seems like a new one is getting released every month or so. However, despite all of the ones on the market, the most well-known has to be the Amazon Kindle. Is it the best? Maybe not, but it’s no doubt what comes to mind when most people think of eBook readers. Well it seems that not only is a new Kindle is on the way, but they’ve decided to drop the price on the Kindle 2.

The Kindle 2 has now dropped in price by $40, bringing it to $259. I really think that the $199 price point is going to be the sweet spot. As for the newest member of the Kindle family, it really isn’t anything to write home about. It’s essentially the same Kindle 2 that we’ve grown to know and love, but with an international SIM card from AT&T. This will allow you to download books from over 100 countries and territories. This new international version will set you back $279 when it ships on October 19th.

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