Kidz-Med Thermofocus Non-Contact Thermometer

Kidz-Med Thermofocus (Image courtesy Kidz-Med)By Andrew Liszewski

There are two places I know of where you can stick a thermometer, and to be honest, neither one is all that pleasant. The Thermofocus however is the first non-contact clinical thermometer that uses infrared technology to take a temperature reading, without having to enter any cavities.

While non-contact infrared thermometers aren’t new, this one is approved by the FDA and is apparently recommended by pediatricians for use on children. Just point the tip of the Thermofocus at the forehead, naval or armpit and the LED display will show the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, with an accuracy of +/- 0.4┬░F.

It’s currently available directly from the Kidz-Med website for $99.95, however it can only be bought and shipped to locations in the US.

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