Kidsleep Night Light, Alarm And Training Aid

Kidsleep Alarm Clock (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Item #273 on Andrew’s big list of why he never wants kids is that it takes quite a few years before they develop something even remotely resembling a normal sleeping pattern. All it takes for a puppy to sleep through the night is a fresh layer of newspaper and a ticking clock but human children tend to be a bit fussier. The makers of the Kidsleep alarm clock seem incredibly optimistic that their product can help things along.

It uses easy to understand graphics of a sleeping or wide-awake cartoon rabbit to show kids when it’s time to get up or time to go back to sleep. The parent just needs to set what the wake-up time is and of course teach their child that while the rabbit is still in bed, they should be too. Let me just say that if there are any parents reading this who think the Kidsleep is a sure fire solution to this situation then I also have some magic beans for sale that will ensure your child’s teenage years will be pleasant and polite.

The Kidsleep is available from for about $70 US.

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