Kidde Silhouette Slim Design Smoke Detector

Kidde Silhouette Smoke Detector (Images courtesy UTC Fire & Security)
By Andrew Liszewski

Because they’re an essential item for any home, the companies responsible for making smoke detectors don’t seem to put too much thought into their aesthetic design. Consumers are going to buy them whether they’re ugly or not, so why bother? Thankfully Kidde has decided to move away from that mentality with their Silhouette model. It protrudes from your ceiling a mere half-inch and the visible face plate features a slick contour design. But it’s got more than just good looks going for it.

The Silhouette is actually AC powered but features a sealed rechargeable backup battery that will last for the life of the alarm. In the event your electricity goes out, the Silhouette will continue to operate off the battery and will automatically recharge it when power is restored. It can even be linked to other smoke detectors and security devices in your home so that when smoke or fire is detected by one device, all the alarms in your house go off. While installation is a bit more involved because of the AC power and other wiring, if you’re in the middle of a renovation it might be worth planning for one of these in advance.

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