Kickstart This: Primer Kinetic Sculpture That Generates Prime Numbers


You can’t deny that prime numbers are fascinating. Each one of them is unique from the other, yet similar because of that one property that they have in common. Taking prime numbers to another level is Karl Lautman, who’s behind Primer, a kinetic sculpture that generates prime numbers.

Bored with the current prime that’s on display? No problem. Just press the button and Primer will count up to the next one.

Primer is crafted from aluminum and plastic, and is mounted on a painted MDF base. Each one is handmade by Karl himself, down to the printed circuit boards used in the counter.

The counters are used, but they’re in excellent working condition. This means that your Primer won’t be starting at zero (which isn’t a prime number anyway), but some prime number between zero and a million. No two will be identical, but they’ll all be signed, dated, and numbered by me on the bottom of the base.  Each Primer will also include an international, “wall-wart” power supply.

Primer is up for funding on Kickstarter, where it has already surpassed its funding goal. In fact, all sixty Primers have already sold out, so if you want one, only the top tier where you have to back $1,120 is still open.

[ Primer on Kickstarter ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]