Kicker Arcade Machine

Kicker Machine (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Here’s an updated take on the classic ‘test your strength’ hammer game which is a staple of carnivals and midways all over the world. But instead of slamming a hammer down onto a target in hopes of ringing a bell (and impressing the ladies) the Kicker machine simply has you kicking a football/soccer ball to see how strong your kick measures up.

To be honest, my friends and I have never sat around a table telling stories about how strong we can kick in an attempt to one-up the previous guy, but if we did, it’s nice to know there’s now a way to settle that debate. And I imagine if you played football/soccer on a regular basis this could probably also serve as a training aid to help you improve your shot strength. As long as a stronger kick is worth about $7,960 to you.

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