KeyScan Keyboard Incorporates A Color Scanner

KeyScan KS810 (Image courtesy GISight)
By Andrew Liszewski

These days I rarely have the need for a scanner, which is good since traditional flatbed models take up a lot of desktop space. But for those rare times when I do need to digitize a document or a photograph, a sheet-fed model would probably suffice which is why this KeyScan keyboard isn’t such a terrible idea. It’s a “high quality Windows keyboard” that incorporates a bi-directional 600dpi color scanner capable of scanning a full page document in about 14-15 seconds. (Or about 5 seconds in gray scale mode.) At $159 (black or beige) from the KeyScan website it’s a bit more expensive than a cheap flatbed + regular keyboard combined, but again, you’re paying for convenience and an extra 3 square feet of space on your desk.

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